Steve Crocker

Howard came into our lives more than 40 years ago.† He took on a dynamic young woman and two challenging boys, and although I didnít live with him except for a brief period, he made a big difference in my life as he did in all of our lives.

He was unfailingly calm, supportive and good natured.† He had a quiet joie de vive Ė an enjoyment of living and a sense of place.

He introduced me to sailing and I was immediately taken.† In short order I took sailing lessons and bought a boat.† It added a lot to my life.† I also learned a bit about shopping centers, partly watching him work and partly from a Christmas vacation job taking pictures with Santa in the Lincoln Village shopping center.† In recent years we enjoyed discussing his work at SCORE.

He was always a gentleman, always supportive, and always a friend.† In the words of Steve Stine, he was a real mensch.